Mobilis in Mobili - flexible in the moving

Welcome to H & T Greenline GmbH! We offer products and services for archives, libraries and documentation facilities and are the manufacturers of the digital archive solution HT.diVAS.®.

Since the beginning of electronic data processing in public areas and in business, the change in technology and media, unlike in the analogue world, is more evident than ever before. It is most important to counteract this in such a way that one does not encounter in problems but has solutions at hand.

Proactive not reactive!!


A professional, OAIS-compliant solution for audit-proof and trustworthy archiving of digital data. HT.diVAS® is also the solution for intermediate archives, with and without the management of qualified electronic signatures.


More than 20 years of experience in knowledge, document and archive management.

We offer support in the implementation of your projects. From conception to going live.


Plan your appointment. We would be happy to show you our solution and support you in your projects and tasks.